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Premiere Roofing & Remodeling started in 2005 and since 2005, has seen tremendous growth in staff and geographical reach. The Premiere team of roofing professionals are committed to quality, putting in the extra time and effort to be sure that your Cambridge project is done right the first time. One of our key business missions is open communication. Our Cambridge customers can discuss the job with any of our contractors at any point in the process. Or contractors are picked based on their experience and skills, as well as their alignment with the Premiere Roofing & Remodeling culture of quality and communication. Our goal is accurate timing for your project, we plan with realistic timeframes as not to interrupt your normal day to day activities when we said that we wouldn’t.

Great Roofing Services for Cambridge

The Premiere Roofing service portfolio includes many roofing related services such as roof replacement and repair, to gutters and chimney repair for your Cambridge home. The Premiere roofing team can help with chimney repair and skylight replacement as well as the installation of roof ice melt systems. We work with a variety of roofing materials for your Cambridge project including but not limited to EPDM rubber roofs, asphalt, architectural, energy efficient shingles, and wood. Our gutter service includes the replacement, repair, and installation of copper, wood, and aluminum gutters. We offer free estimates and extended warranties.

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